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ORCD-25 Merrell Fankhauser -
"Signals From Malibu"
New Sci Fi Symphonic Instrumental Surf album Featuring strange radio signals from the underwater anomaly off the Malibu California coast. $18ea.

LM900 ORCD-24 Merrell Fankhauser -
"The Lost Desert Tapes"
Recently found unreleased songs by Merrell And The Exiles, The Velvetones, and Fapardokly! stored in the high desrt in Glenn Records archives for nearly 50 years. $15ea.

LM9006 Merrell and the Exiles -
Same as above LP with 4 bonus tracks. $15ea.
Click here to listen to a sample of "She's Gone" from "THE EARLY YEARS"

SC6094 HMS Bounty -
Reissue of 1968 release with 3 bonus tracks. Classic psychedelicfolk rock. $15 ea.
Click here to listen to a sample of "Drivin Sideways" from "THINGS"

SUBXMCD-3 Merrell Fankhauser -
Reissue of 1976 release with 8 bonus tracks. Songs inspired and written in Maui's tropical rainforest. Featuring Peter Noone and other legendarymusicians. $15 ea.
Click here to listen to a sample of "Make A Joyful Noise" from "MAUI ALBUM"

LM9010 Merrell Fankhauser-
18 rockin songs recorded on Maui in 1982 with JohnCipollina. Also features Grammy award Winner Louie Ortega, guitarist with The Texas Tornados. $18 ea.
Click here to listen to a sample of "Who Can You Call" from "DOCTOR FANKHAUSER"

DCD7463262 Fankhauser Cassidy Band -
Hot blues rock with Ed Cassidy ofSpirit and a special tribute to Nicky Hopkins by Merrell and Pete Sears. $15
Click here to listen to a sample of "Nicky's Song" from "ON THE BLUE ROAD"

CTCD198 The Impacts
new 1999 cutting edge instrumental surf with ripping reverb-drenched guitar and wailing sax-$15 ea.
Click here to listen to a sample of "Barrel Ride" from "SEX WAX AND SURF"

Volume 1, Dick Dale, The Revels, The Impacts, Centurions, Mike Love, Susan & The Surftones,The Sentinals, Tom Nunes, Bob Dalley, Surfraiders and Tornados.-$15 ea.
Volume 2, Mike Beddoes, The Falcons, The Chantays, John Blair, Lee Joseph, Velvetones, The Exiles,Sebastian Hartmann, The Looney Tunes, Paul Johnson, The Belairs, Susan & The Surftones.-$15 ea.

L4002 Merrell Fankhauser -
Seven years in the making materpiece with Jay Furguson and Ed Cassidy of Spirit, Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean, John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Nicky Hopkins, John Cipolinna and many others. Produced by award winning movie and record producer, William E. McEuen - $15 ea.

HZ003 Merrell Fankhauser -
More great songs in Merrell's special tropical rock style. Features Ed Cassidy of Spirit. Triple fold out package. Fantastic artwork.- $15 ea.

CTCD-409 Merrell Fankhauser and Yoriko Hongo-
"Tropical Heat"
Exotic Romantic Tropical Rock Album with Hawaiian Standards and Original songs by Merrell that expand the Surf Tiki culture sound. Contains the hit song "Nawiliwili with you" written on the Island of Kauai. A beautiful vocal and instrumental blend that is indiscribable. Long awaited. $15 ea.

ORCD-010 Merrell Fankhauser -
"Rockin and Surfin"
Hot new instrumental surf release by Merrell on multiple guitars and full surf band with wailing sax, pounding drums and bass! This is the release surf fans have been waiting for. An outstanding version of "All Along The Watchtower" that's being played on national radio along with surf standards like "Pipeline", "Baja" and new originals by Merrell done in his unique style. $15 ea.

ORCD-12 Merrell Fankhauser -
Merrell's special mix of Hawaiian Standards and Tropical Rock. Includes two originals Merrell wrote while living on Kauai, "Nawiliwili With You" and "Island Life". Also includes the original theme song to Merrell's popular TV show, "Tiki Lounge". This CD is Merrell's wonderful blend of tropical fun.- $15 ea.

ORCD-4 Merrell Fankhauser-
Great 50's and 60's cover songs by Merrell. Limited Edition CD.Features Carl Perkins' Medley and Oldies Doo Wop Medley. -$15 ea.

ORCD-13 Merrell Fankhauser-
"Message to the Universe:
The Alien Rock Suite"

--New CD release!-- Space rock songs by Merrell with bonus tracks not included on original Message to the Universe LP. Fantasy cover art of Merrell jamming in the Maui Rainforest with an alien band; the same painting used in the book Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection by Michael Luckman, just published by Simon & Schuster! Message to the Universe is available only from Ocean Records, Autographed. -$15 ea.

ORCD-15 Merrell Fankhauser-
“Rockin and Surfin” Vol 2.
More great Instrumental Surf songs by Merrell, including an instrumental version of his Tiki Lounge TV show theme, and a version of Wipe Out with Willie Nelson recorded live on Maui. -$15 br>
ORCD19 Merrell Fankhauser-
“Rockin and Surfin” Vol 3.
Great reverb guitar and sax surf instrumentals for 2010 release -$15

ORCD-16 Merrell Fankhauser-
“Favorite Oldies” Vol 2.
More 50s, 60s & 70s songs featuring guitarist John Cipolinna from Quicksilver Messenger Service and drummer Ed Cassidy of Spirit. -$15

JKSW-009 Merrell Fankhauser-
“The Whole Day Ahead of Us”
60s style magic music in Merrell’s distinctive original composition. $15

JKSW-0001 Fankhauser Cassidy Band-
“Stolen Guitar Blues”
Tribute to Spirit guitarist Randy California and MU Bassist Larry Willey. Features songs about Randy and Larry Willey's last recording “Just Like Papa Told Me” -$15

MMCD076 Merrell Fankhauser-
“Move To Higher Ground”
Features Merrell's radio hit about the current world situation, war, fires, floods, earthquakes, features Fapardokly guitarist Bill Dodd and drummer Dick Lee. Recorded in 2008. -$15

HST074CD Merrell Fankhauser-
“The Best Of”
Merrell's first restrospective. 2 CD set with songs from 1964 to 2011, some unreleased. -$25

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1962 - 2014

Detailed information for over 100 releases with rare album covers
and session notes. $28 ea.


* Merrell Fankhauser presents "AN INTERVIEW WITH NICKY HOPKINS"
- 45 min. interview andlive songs with Nicky, Merrell, and Roger Capps, plus special tribute to Nicky by Merrell and Pete Sears. $19 ea.

* Merrell Fankhauser and the Maui Band "A DAY IN PARADISE"
- 30 min. Beautiful Mauiscenery, wind surfing, and original songs by Merrell from 1985. $19 ea.

* Merrell Fankhauser presents "CALIFORNIA SURF MUSIC"
- 56 min. Interviews and music withThe Impacts, Dick Dale, The Revels, Mike Love, and more. $19 ea.


1 hr DVD documentary featuring interviews with cast members of the 1972 Jimi Hendrix movie "Rainbow Bridge". Shot in California and Hawaii with beautiful scenery and exciting surfing. Music by Merrell Fankhauser, Steve Omar and The Space Patrol. $20 + $4 postage.

* Merrell Fankhauser presents "RETURN TO MU"
- 53 min. Great songs and documentary on Merrell's career and search for the lost continent of Mu $19 ea.

HST094DVD * Merrell Fankhauser TIKI LOUNGE Vol 1
Features six half hour TV shows and a bonus audio CD $25.

HST091DVD * Merrell Fankhauser TIKI LOUNGE Vol 2
Features six half hour TV shows and a bonus audio CD $25.


The Impacts Reunion Concert poster, 3 color, 9x17, complete with surfer on gnarly wave. $12 ea. PPD.

The Impacts photo. $5 ea. PPD.

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